A new mod files player for Linux based on the sound engine from ModPlug.

It is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.

If you want to help or look at other features I'm planning to add, read the TODO list.

Last minute!!! I forgot to add a description of the key bindings in the current release, so here they are!

Supported formats

Currently, it has full support for the following formats:
669, ams, dbm, far, it, mdl, mod, mtm, okt, s3m, stm, ult, xm and wav



Here's a screenshot of the text mode interface.



Well, it runs fine on my P120 laptop with 20Mb of RAM ;)
Disabling some of the sound effects and the spectrometer will make it consume less CPU time.

It won't run on other architectures than x86 for now... There's a lot of code that still depend on 'endianess'... I'll try to remove it once I have access to a Linux/Sparc or Alpha machine.


I don't run kernels prior to anymore, but it should work/compile with 2.0.xx as long as you have support for OSS devices.
I will add support for Alsa native API in a future release.


At least version 1.0 of slang is required. Error codes returned by some functions changed between 0.99-xx and 1.0. GModplay may not work if linked against older versions of the library.
Glib is required. I used version 1.1.x for testing. It may or may not work with older versions.


Version 0.8

You can download the source code (size: 104056) for gmodplay from: Also a binary statically linked package (size: 179725) is available:


For questions, bug reports, suggestions, and even flames, email me at: <>.